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You finally make a decision and brought a brand new deep fry basket into your commercial kitchen. The decision will not immensely affect the efficiency of your kitchen, but it will also generate better tasting food. However, to get the tasty fried food, you need to contact the best fry basket manufacturer.

If you are in the majority, you probably will dream of having fun with your new fry basket or ‘fryer’. However, before you commence frying anything or everything, there have to be some rules to set in place.


The rules or simply you can make the most out of your commercial fry basket. It will hold its new look for a long time and produce the best-fried foods each day with the right methods in place.

Note the below vital tips before you start using fry basket:

Making of Fryer

To prepare a fryer is the first and foremost step towards efficient cooking. Without proper setup, your fry basket can cause severe injury, burns or sometimes fires.

To make sure above hazards do not occur, start by washing the dry pot with soapy water or fry basket cleaner. This will erase any residue or build up that has been there in the sink bottom grid. Thoroughly clean the pot and let clean water boil in the network. When the water cools, dry and drain the water and wipe the sink dry.

When you get yourself ready to fry, ensure that you fill the pot with the appropriate amount. Pan, which is overfilled, will not only minimize the efficiency but can cause injuries to those working the basket or fryer.

Cooking in your Deep Fry Basket

Cooking in the basket is why you are reading this blog. There are a few best practices you must bear in mind when functioning your fryer. For instance, you always make sure that your food is appropriately thawed before immersing it in oil. Frozen food might contain a buildup of ice which can cause bespatters of hot oil.

Fry Basket

Irrespective of food being frozen or not, whenever the fresh food is inserted into the basket, it will change the oil’s temperature. Addition of single basket food at a time is recommended to monitor the change in temperature.

Keep Fry Basket in Optimal Condition

Every sink bottom grid manufacturer recommends that fryer must be maintained daily. Filter the fry basket oil once a day. It is also essential to clean the inside of the pot once the oil is drained. Also, clean the fryer’s surrounding equipment to prevent building up of grease.

Wrap Up

Maintenance is a must if you need your fry basket last long. By following the above tips, you can increase the efficiency of your fryer and quality of the food too.

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